Cobalt CCK specific settings

Cobalt 8 opens incredible possibilities for constructing your website. You can build almost anything: File downloads, gallery, blog, forum, support desk or private ticket system, real estate or auto market, job board or e-commerce product catalog. Accordion Menu for Cobalt CCK extends the main features of Cobalt CCK and give you the power to create great menus from Cobalt CCK sections and records.

Cobalt type source settings


Menu root section

The menu will show the category tree from the selected section.

Single root as menuitem

This function works like the one in Joomla source type Menu root parameter.

Show records

The menu will show the records as menu items as child items of the categories.

Display number of records

  • No: Record count won’t be displayed
  • Yes, the real count: Record count will be displayed
  • Yes, the aggregated count: Record count will be displayed and summed up

Show empty categories

Whether to show or not the empty categories in the menu.


The order of the categories.

Record order

The order of the records.

Menu icons

You can show the first image of the description as menu icons.


Load the menu from Joomla cache.