UTF-8 Byte Order Mark

Possible errors:
– Probably only Chrome errors.
– Problems with the animations.
– Problems with the display of the page. (Could be just small things.)

These UTF-8 Byte Order Marks are not visible characters in some files, and you need to find those files. The best way to figure out, if this is your problem or not, is to check your website’s code in Chrome, because it is sensitive to this. Press F12, and look at your code in the Elements tab, probably the <head> is closed before it should be, there could be some bigger empty spaces, also some codeparts won’t look correct, they won’t be the same, as for example in Firefox. You should download a program, like NotePad++, where you have an option to save down your files with an encoding of UTF-8 without BOM.

If this seems to be your problem, you could try to search for a BOM Detector program, save down your website’s files, search them through, and save down the wrong ones without byte order marks.