Webshop menu & Accordion webshop menu links are not the same

Joomla is handling the links in a unique way. When you make a menu in the Menu manager for a part of your webshop, like to a category, it will have a new link, then the default link was, because now you have the option to specify this page, for example assign modules to it. But the category will still have it’s default page, also different pages used by the webshop, and if you create more menu items to them, those pages too. This is why in Accordion Menu for the webshop menu types, you can find in the Type: [some webshop] – Configure an option called Itemid. If you put the Itemid of the page, where you want it to be linked, the Accordion Menu will use that. You can find out, what is the Itemid, if you turn off the Search Engine Friendly URLs in the Global Configuration, and guide yourself to that page based on that part of your website, which has the link you want to use, and it will be in the URL. For example: