Accordion Menu doesn’t show the products from the webshop / doesn’t count them properly

If you have turned on to show your categories' products, and you can't see any product appearing in your menu, it is probably happening, because we put a condition into the webshop menus' codes, that the product has to be in stock, to show it. You should either add a value in your backend, that it's not 0 products, or you could open up your webshop menu's file, and modify it by removing that part. You can find that file usually in this path:
(The menu.php could be something else too, for example for VirtueMart this part is in the virtuemart2.php)
And search for words, like "stock". You will find something like this inside the code:

AND b.product_in_stock >0

what you could remove. This could be in two places, one where the product is counted, the other, where the product is displayed. But there could be other parts causing your problem too, like if the product isn't published. The best you can do is rather then modifying the code, just to make sure, that you really have that product available in your site.