Why isn’t that menuitem opened or active where I clicked?

If you have more menuitems with the same links on them, then the Accordion Menu will open up that one, which it can find first. You should try out the Opened – State saving with cookies instead, which is saving down the opened menuitems in cookies, and on the other pages it will be opened like that.


We are using Joomla’s code, which is returning on what page you are, to keep the menu items opened. If you are using a webshop menu, webshop extensions aren’t making their own pages, they just use your homepage on a seemingly new page to show their products and categories, but actually from the point of view of Joomla, it is your homepage, not another page. In this case you should create a new menu in your Menu Manager, and create menu items for your categories (and products, if you want to show those too). This way those categories will have their own pages from Joomla’s point of view.

Joomla + WordPress

If you are using a menu from the Joomla Menu Manager or you are using a simple WordPress menu, then our slider can not make those links active, what you are manually writing there, even if they are links to a page in your website, because those aren’t connected to your website from the point of view of your Joomla or WordPress site. So in Joomla you can’t use External URL Menu Item Type, and in WordPress you can’t use the Appearance → Menus → Links option, if you want your menuitem to be active or opened.