Can the menu be fixed in the screen, be hidden somewhere, or look like something I saw?

The Accordion Menu is just a simple vertical menu, being in one place, where you put it, and it doesn't do anything else, just opening and closing the submenus, like you see in the demos.

If you want your menu to be positioned differently, you need to have some coding knowledge, Joomla create a new module position, or WordPress use the do_shortcode function to put your menu into the php code instead of your widgets. Put those module positions, shortcodes between div tags, which should have a class or id, and style them in your css files. Here are some descriptions for the module position and the do_shortcode function:



Open the index.php file of the template you wish to edit (if you can't see your website's code in there, then it's usually in a “tmpl”, or some “template”, maybe “layouts” sounding folder, one of the files). Then locate the place in the template where you wish to put the new position. Insert this code there:

the next two steps are optional, just to see it's name in the backend's Module Manager's position selection list

Open the template's TemplateDetails.xml file and locate these start and end tags:


Then add





Go to your theme's php files, either in the AppearanceEditor, or in your ftp, and find the codepart, where you want to put your menu, and use the WordPress' do_shortcode function to put your menu in there:

echo do_shortcode('[accordionmenu id="unique4f28454" accordionmenu="1187"]');

You can also specify, on which pages you want your menu to be by using some other WordPress' functions:

    if(is_home() || is_front_page()){
        echo do_shortcode('[accordionmenu id="unique4f28454" accordionmenu="1187"]');