Configuration in WordPress

Nextend Framework has some custom configuration option in WordPress. You can find this in the WordPresses SettingsNextend Settings


Clear cache

This buttons clears your Nextend cache directory. After you clear Nextend cache, we suggest you to clear the website’s cache too if there is one.

Gzip compression

Most of the servers has Gzip compression enabled by default for CSS and Javascript resources. If you know that it is not enabled by your hosting provider, we suggest you to enable this switcher. It will speed up your frontend and backend.

Cache time

You should leave this at static, which means, that the cache only will be refreshed when you save on some settings in our product. You can also define a high value for this field after you have completed the modification of the extension. This value can not be 0!

Cache relative path

It is a relative path to a writeable folder, which is relative to your Joomla installation path.

The defined folder should be writeable and accessible by the web!

CSS and Javascript load mode

On most websites the Normal mode works, but it could have problem depending on the websites Gzip compression, so if there is an error in your website’s code, something is loading in a wrong place when the Nextend plugin is activated, then try out the other two options.

Debug language

If this is turned on, then you will see the language files loaded at our products. This is mostly for development purposes.

Log possible problems

You can turn down the error logs in here.