WooCommerce specific settings

WooCommerce type specific settings


You can select the Root categories for your menu.

Remove from

You can select which categories you would like to remove from your menu.

Show only selected

You can optimize our code to show only the selected categories.

These will go to the same first level, but you have an option to keep their hierarchy.

The "Skip hierarchical if parent is missing" option was removed in version 9.3.8., because the code was completely rewritten due to a WooCommerce update, and this option became deprecated, as it wouldn't improve the code anymore. Now if you have a menuitem missing from the chain, the sub-submenuitem will be on the first level, even if the "Keep hierarchy" option is turned on.

Display number of product

Product count is displayed next to the categories.

Active on product pages

A product can have more categories, and when you are on a product page, you can make it's first or last category active. You CAN'T make it active based on where you came, so these are the only choices you have. That which one is "first" or "last" is based on how WooCommerce is returning them, so you can't really know, and you should just try it out, which one do you think is better for you.

Menu icons

If you enabled this feature with Show, the menu will show the category thumbnails. Also Accordion Menu allows you to choose the alignment for the icons.

The feature called Only icon will not show the menu item title, if there is icon for the menu item. So the menu item will be just an image button.


You can order your menuitems based on how they are ordered at your WooCommerce settings, or you can order them based on their title. This order can be ascending or descending.

Settings examples

If Root menu item is selected



All menuitems are selected



Display number of products is turned on and all menuitems are selected: