Developer - Chrome

This part of the documentation will show you, how can you use your browsers more efficiently to modify your website, and to find errors.

JavaScript error detecting

Use this if you are seeing a blank space, where the slider should be, or you can see the slider, but it doesn't work.

  1. Press F12 on the page, where you can see your error.
  2. Click on the Console tab and refresh your page.
  3. It will write out an error, and the path, or the code you can give you a hint, what is causing it, and you could eliminate that extension/plugin from your website.

Find out which code is making a part of your website

This documentation was mainly made for finding a place, where you could put your slider, if your template/theme doesn't offer it, but if you check it out, you can understand, how to look at the code of your website, which can come handy for other reasons too.

  1. Right click around the part, where you would like to have the slider, and choose Inspect element.
  2. On the bottom the web inspector will open up, and you can see the html code of your website.
  3. If you hover over the code, you can see the elements hightlighted in your browser on the hovered parts. You should open up the code, and find that part, which is over the position, where you would like to have your slider.
  4. Also to make the searching easier, find the codepart right under that place too.
  5. Now you should download your template's/theme's files from your website's ftp, what you can find in here:

Joomla templates/[your template's name]
WordPress wp-content/themes/[your theme's name]
Magento app/design/frontend/[design package name]/[theme variation name]