Installation on Joomla


  • Download the latest installer from our site from the download area.
  • Follow the installation steps:


Go to your admin area ExtensionsManageUpload Package File tab

In the file chooser browse the installer zip file and hit the Upload & Install button. On successful installation, you should see the following result:

All of our themes and components are a separate plugins, so you can manage them one by one.


Now you can start using the module in ExtensionsModulesNextend Accordion Menu V9:


Here comes some default Joomla module setting:

  • Title: You can change the title of your menu.
  • Position: Choose a position, where you would like to show your Accordion Menu.
  • Status: Set this parameter to Published.
  • Menu Assignment: With the help of this parameter you can select tha pages, where you would like to show the Accordion Menu. (Usually on all pages.)
  • Configure: If you click on this button, then you can start to configure your Accordion Menu. For example: Basic settings, Themes etc. Please read the Basic Parameters documentation for the settings of the Accordion Menu!


If you’re ready with the settings just press the default Joomla Save button. Congratulation, now you’re ready with the whole install and setup process!

Errors during installation

Server file upload limit block the installation

Some server has small file upload limit in the php.ini configuration. This causes, that you can not upload the installer to the server by the Joomla installer. In this case try the alternative installation method or try to increase the limit in php.ini

upload_max_filesize =10M
post_max_size =10M

Some folders not writeable

This happens usually if FTP and PHP are running by different owner on the Linux server and you uploaded your site by FTP and PHP do not have right to write into the directories. We suggest in this case to configure the FTP mode in SystemGlobal configurationServerFTP Settings

Alternative installation method

  • Step 1: Unzip the installer package into your computer
  • Step 2: Upload the unzipped (com_nextend_installer) folder into your Joomla tmp/ folder
  • Step 3: Go to your admin area Extensions -> Manage -> Install from folder tab
  • Step 4: Complete the prefilled(your site absolute path/tmp) install directory with /com_nextend_installer and hit Install

On successful installation, you can start using the module in the Extensions -> Modules -> Nextend Accordion Menu V9