Installation on WordPress


  • Download the latest installer from our site from the download area.
  • If you installed the Lite version previously, then you have to delete it! (You can do this via the WordPress plugin manager or you can overwrite it via FTP.)



LoginPluginsAdd newUpload in .zip formatBrowse the installerInstall buttonActivate


After the activation you should see two plugins the Nextend and the Nextend Accordion Menu:

Alternative installation

You can install the Accordion Menu by unzipping the into your computer, and copy the unzipped nextend-accordion-menu folder into your website’s wp-content\plugins\ folder. After this you will see it in your Plugins list, and all you have to do is to activate it.

Sometimes you have to install the Nextend framework separately. In this case you will receive an error message, that you should unzip the nextend-accordion-menu\nextend\, which you can find inside the, and upload that into the wp-content\plugins\ folder, then activate that too.