WordPress - Create and configure the menu

Create a WordPress menu

If you would like to create a new Accordion Menu, then you need a custom menu from WordPress. You can find it in the AppearanceMenus point. In the WordPress menu creator you can easily drag and drop new menus, technically from everything for example: pages, categories, links and tags. In addition, you can create a hierarchical structure with levels and sublevels.

Create a new Accordion menu

Click on the Accordion MenusAdd New menu point from the left menu.

Create your menu as you would like to have it
  • 1. Title: On the top you can find a title field for your Accordion Menu
  • 2. Choose a WordPress menu: With the help of the first option you can choose the source for the menu. So click on the Configure button in the Type row. It will open a new window, where you can set a lot of WordPress source types specific settings. Now just choose a WordPress menu from the Menu row and press the big green Apply button on the top right corner.
  • 3. Custom settings: Choose a theme, press the configure button and customize as you would like, and set the other basic parameters too.
  • 4. Save: Press the big green Save button on the top right corner. Yeah! You’re almost ready:

New menu