Publish on Joomla


Firstly, get the latest version from the download area, after that install the Accordion Menu.

How to create a new module


Please go into JoomlaAdministrationExtensionsModules, and click on the green New button on the top left.

It will open a new page for you, where you can choose from the module types. Please choose the Nextend Accordion Menu V9.


Set some details for the module:

  • Title: You can change the title of your menu.
  • Position: Choose a postion, where you would like to show your Accordion Menu.
  • Status: Set this parameter to Published. (It's the default setting.)
  • Assignment: With the help of this parameter you can select tha pages, where you would like to show the Accordion Menu. (Usually on all pages.)
  • Configure: If you click on this button, then you can start to configure your Accordion Menu. For example: Basic settings, Themes etc. Please read the Basic Parameters documentation for the settings of the Accordion Menu!

Module Parameters


If you're ready with the settings just press the default Joomla Save button. Congratulation, now you're ready with the whole install and setup process!